Sacramental Preparation for Children

Preparing to receive the sacraments is one of the most memorable and exciting times for children. We have designed our programs so that they enjoy the process, learn from the support and example of their families, and are conscious of the care of the parish community for them.

Students must have completed one full year of Catholic religious education (here at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel or elsewhere) immediately prior to beginning preparation for sacrament.

The following are the requirements for reception of the Sacraments:

  • The child must be Baptized Catholic
  • A copy of their Baptismal certificate
  • Confirmation Students will provide a copy of their Baptism / First Communion certificates
  • Regular attendance at the Sunday Mass
  • Parental involvement in the preparation to receive the Sacrament(s)
  • All Confirmation students must be in the program from the 1st grade OR provide proof of attendance in another parish program (Religious education for 7 years)
  • Regular attendance for Religious education program
  • Parents must attend the meetings and participate at the planned retreats

NOTE: If an 8th grade (Confirmation III) candidate has a conflict with the date of the retreat, the candidate must call another parish in the Archdiocese and participate in their retreat. (It is a must)

Baptism (for School & Religious Education students)

Children who are old enough for school and who have not been Baptized are invited to join our prep classes along with their parents / guardians in Fall each year in
October – Two sessions

1: Teachings of Jesus

2: Understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism

Once you have completed the required preparation the Baptism will be scheduled. For more information call Razia Shafi Khokhar @ 773-525-0453 Ext. 214

Reconciliation / Penance and First Holy Communion

Students in the second grade (who have completed the 1st year program) are prepared for the sacraments of Reconciliation / Penance and Eucharist as part of their class sessions.

These class sessions are in conjunction with the formation which they receive with their families. The most important preparation children can receive for Eucharist is to be regular participants at Sunday Mass.

In addition to Sunday Mass and classes, there is a morning of reflection for parents and children in January for Reconciliation and First Communion morning of reflection for parents and children is April or May. Many students take part in this program in the 2nd grade. However, students of all ages can be part of the process, with older students working in their own group. (Depending on the number of older students.)


Students celebrate Confirmation in spring. Most students will be confirmed in 8th grade, having completed the three years confirmation preparation sequence. (Students beginning the preparation after sixth grade begin with Confirmation I and complete all three years before they are confirmed.)

Candidates are expected to be part of the worshipping community, coming to Mass each Sunday. As Confirmation marks one’s full initiation into the church, it is expected that anyone wishing to be confirmed, is a practicing Catholic. During all these years, students keep a journal chronicling their practice of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Students must have completed one full year of Religious Education before beginning the Confirmation program. In addition, they need to show mastery of the basic religious literacy objectives for each grade preceding junior high.

Confirmation I:

  • Study of the major events and themes in the Hebrew Scripture (Old Testament)
  • Decision point
  • Attendance at the class and prayer session planned for them
  • Participation in a group service opportunity
Confirmation II:

  • Study of the Gospel and module on Christian morality
  • Decision point
  • Attendance at the class and prayer session planned for them
  • Participation in a “Pilgrimage” to sites important for Catholic history in Chicago
Confirmation III:

  • Review of the Scripture, Creed and Sacraments, with concentration on Confirmation and a study of the Acts of the Apostles
  • Bible Study – The Teen timeline
  • Decision point
  • Attendance at the retreat day
  • Participation in a group service opportunity in a soup kitchen