Parish History

In 1886, Our Lady of Mount Carmel was founded as the mother parish of all the English-speaking Catholic congregations of the north side.

Father Patrick O'Brien was the founding pastor who built the first church at Wellington near Sheffield. In 1888 the Mount Carmel Academy was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in our present Casey Hall building. Father Patrick Gill became pastor in 1895, and in 1913, the present Indiana limestone church structure was built in English Tudor Gothic style.

With the death of Father Gill in 1925, Father Joseph Casey became pastor. He completed the interior of the church with the marvelous Kinsella windows, Carrara marble altars and the majestic E. M. Skinner pipe organ. The rectory was built in 1923, the convent and school in 1926. Father Casey was named Monsignor in 1926 and remained as pastor until his death in 1958.

Monsignor Ernest Primeau followed as pastor until his appointment as Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire. Father Thomas Byrne was pastor from 1960 until his retiring in 1976. Father Thomas Healy, our pastor emeritus, was a professor at Niles College of Loyola University before assuming the pastorate in January, 1977, a position he held until December 31, 2001.

During Fr. Healy's tenure, additions to the church included the Eden Chapel with windows designed by Faith Posey of Drehoble Brothers, redecoration of the sanctuary and nave, repair of the Kinsella stained glass, restoration of the E. M. Skinner pipe organ and the installation of the Visser-Rowland tracker action choir organ.

Father Thomas Srenn was an associate at OLMC from 1990-1997 and returned as pastor from 2002-2013. Under his pastorate, the Parish Ministry Center was created from the original Convent to house all the offices of the parish, Eden Chapel was renovated, and in honor of the parish's 125th Anniversary, the parish embarked on Phase I of Renovo CXXV, at which time the issues of accessibility were addressed, as well as the commissioning of a new Carrera marble altar and ambo. A new paint scheme for the church interior was introduced and the sanctuary was completed in time for the consecration of the new altar by Cardinal Francis George on Sunday, September 25, 2011.

Father Patrick Lee was named eighth pastor of OLMC in 2013 and began his new ministry in July.